See all the mitigation ideas, concepts, and projects the Commission has investigated/considered by clicking  here.   

Through the State’s Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission, and its partners like the Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Taskforce, Hawai`i aims to achieve 100 percent renewable energy and carbon neutrality by 2045. 

Mitigation Goals: Hawai`i is a leader in climate change and renewable energy goals. It established its loyalty to the Paris Agreement in 2017 through Act 32, but the Hawai`i Clean Energy Initiative dates back to 2008. 

The Commission’s statement (hereon climate mitigation focuses on reducing emissions from the ground transportation sector.

State’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory report, 2019: The latest report can be found here.

Progress: Our Aloha+ dashboard shows Hawai’i’s progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Fleet Conversion: To help public fleet managers convert their vehicles to clean fuels, see Fleet Toolbox here.