Transportation and Climate Change

#TransportationTuesday Slide Decks

How we manage our transportation sector plays a major role in how we mitigate the climate change impacts. Click on any of our posts below as we break down transportation topics into bite sized information! Feel free to use them for educational purposes in your meetings, huis, and gatherings!

Vision Zero


Vision Zero, a commitment to eliminating traffic violence, contends that traffic deaths are unacceptable, avoidable, and preventable. Vision Zero aligns with the clean, equitable, and resilient goals of the Hawaiʻi Climate Commission. The reduction of vehicle miles travelled (VMT), investment in active transportation, and the associated reduction of transportation emissions benefit the health and safety of non-drivers while combating climate change. Vision Zero’s emphasis on pedestrian safety and acknowledgment of how identity informs vulnerability highlights the importance of equity in the transportation system. Finally, in order to create a truly resilient transportation system, the unique needs of different communities must be recognized and taken seriously. There must be a focus on tolerance over compliance, trading the rigid methods of “Enforcement” for the more flexible and positive methods of “Encouragement”.

Presenter CJ Johnson takes the Climate Ready Hawaiʻi VISTA cohort through the history that has enabled a car-centric world, key concepts of traffic violence, and how Vision Zero plans to bring equity to the forefront of our transportation system. He is the physical activity coordinator at the Hawaiʻi State Department of Health. CJ has extensive experience with Vision Zero in several states and roles ranging from agency planner to advocacy leader, and now as a public health program specialist.