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Are you ready to make Hawai’i Climate Ready? Come join our Hawai’i Climate VISTA Corps and help us prepare Hawai’i’s vulnerable communities to adapt and become resilient to climate change impacts and disasters.

The County Equity VISTA will support the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission in coordinating climate action across state and county activities. The VISTA will enhance the capacity of the counties to apply for, coordinate, and implement grants, provide administrative support to the CCMAC, conduct outreach, and coordinate community actions and events. Apply Here!

The Clean Energy Accessibility VISTA will support actions to provide affordable clean energy options for low-income families. This role will increase agency capacity for successful community outreach and financial and energy education through data-informed identification and strategizing around high-need, high-potential communities. Apply here!

The Climate and Energy Justice VISTA will work with the Hawaiʻi State Energy Office to better inform, educate, and engage vulnerable communities in energy project decision-making, access to energy conservation, and clean energy resources to lower costs, increase living wage employment, and improve health and welfare outcomes. Apply here!

The Climate Communications VISTA will support efforts at the University of Hawai’i to connect the community to climate issues through events, lectures, social media, and other communication platforms. Apply here! 

The Energy Climate Communication VISTA will help the county of Kauaʻi address climate change that impacts the Kauai Community on all fronts including energy, invasive species, and resiliency. Apply here! 

Stay tuned for more VISTA roles that will open in the next few months! Contact [email protected] with questions.