Commission Documents

Statement on Decision Making & Investment Guidance to Address the Climate Emergency in Hawaiʻi (2021)This statement of the Hawaiʻi Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission (Commission) aims to provide: guidance to all Hawaiʻi state and county governments and their agencies; and recommendations on how to translate Hawaiʻi’s robust climate policy framework to decision making and investments to address the current climate emergency.
Annual Report (2020)This Annual Report highlights the Commission’s intentions to support resilience in vulnerable communities, important policy tools that are in the works, the commission’s engagement with local, national, and international governments and much more!
Commission’s Report to the 31st Legislature, State of Hawaiʻi, 2021 Regular Session (2020)Report from the Commission to the Thirty-First Legislature State of Hawaii. Highlights updates and actions done by the Commission over the past year.
Testimonies for 2020 Legislative Session (2020)Submitted testimony of State Climate Commission Coordinator Anukriti Hittle, on behalf of the Commission.
Statement on Climate Equity (2019)The State Climate Commission identifies equity as one of the three primary considerations for all climate action and urges all government entities in Hawaiʻi to identify, recognize, and address any inequitable distribution of benefits, burdens, and processes caused by climate change impacts and policy.
Statement on Public Fleets Transition (2019)The State Climate Commission calls for a lead entity to coordinate/guide any necessary implementation to help State and counties transition their fleets to clean, renewable fuels.
Statement on Disaster Emergency Preparedness (2019) Joint News Release with University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant that adopts recommendation for improving disaster recovery preparedness in Hawaiʻi, in response to Guidance for Disaster Recovery and Preparedness in Hawaiʻi (guide) by Hawaiʻi Sea Grant in partnership with DLNR and OP.
Statement on Ground Transportation Emissions Reduction (2018)The State Climate Commission encourages urgent actions to combat transportation emissions through support to establish a Carbon Fee Program.
Statement on Adaptation to Impacts of Sea Level Rise (2018)The State Climate Commission adopts recommendations for countering impacts of sea level rise in Hawaiʻi.