Goals and Progress

The Commission recognizes that ground transportation contributes significantly to Hawai‘i’s share of greenhouse gas emissions. It supports a price on carbon, and mechanisms to reduce overall vehicle miles traveled, as well as converting all remaining vehicle-based ground transportation to renewable, zero-emission fuels and technologies.

See all the mitigation ideas, concepts, and projects the Commission has investigated/considered by clicking  here.   


Through the State’s Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission, and its partners like the Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Taskforce, Hawai‘i aims to achieve 100 percent renewable energy and carbon neutrality by 2045.

Hawaii is a leader in climate change and renewable energy goals. It established its loyalty to the Paris Agreement in 2017 through Act 32, but the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative dates back to 2008. 

The Commission’s statement (hereon climate mitigation focuses on reducing emissions from the ground transportation sector.


State’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory report, 2019: The latest report can be found here.

Our Aloha+ dashboard shows Hawaii’s progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Fleet Conversion: To help public fleet managers convert their vehicles to clean fuels, see Fleet Toolbox here.