Climate Change Community Outreach VISTA 2023


Rachel Morse

Climate Change Community Outreach VISTA

Office: Kauaʻi County Long-Range Planning Department

Email: [email protected]

Based at the Kauaʻi County Department of Long-Range Planning, Rachel Morse works with schools and coordinates youth centered activities to facilitate the involvement of students and young adults into the Kaua Climate Adaptation  Plan. She helps develop and implement outreach programs for the Climate Adaptation Plan, with a focus on engagement with underrepresented groups such as low-income households and youth. 

Morse graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Psychology and a Minor in Ceramics. During her undergraduate career, she worked she managed eight mentorship-based community programs and their partnership liaisons located through the Salt Lake valley. She has also volunteered in several community gardens and farms and has a specific interest in nature-based education.