Biodiesel Calculations

The following calculations were used to determine GHG reductions for the the Maui Biodiesel Pilot Program:

908 gallons B100 + 1308 gallons B20 = 1,170 total gallons biodiesel used by Maui DLNR (July 2019 through March 2020)

CA ARB Total GHG emissions TTW is 79.27gCO2e/MJ for ULSD, and 4.48gCO2e/MJ for biodiesel from UCO

Diesel emits 22.4 lbs of CO2 per gallon – so approx 1.27 lbs/gal for UCO biodiesel = approx 21lbs CO2 per gallon

-21 LBS  x 1170 gallons biodiesel = 24,570 LBS of CO2 

-Maui DLNR reduced their GHG emissions by 24,560 LBS of CO2 in just 8 months by switching to clean, locally made biodiesel

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Term Glossary

B100 Pure Biodiesel
B20 20% Biodiesel
CA ARB California Air Resources Board
GHG Greenhouse Gas
CO2e/MJ Carbon Dioxide Emissions per Megajoule
ULSD Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel
UCO Uncooked Vegetable Oil