Climate and Energy Justice VISTA

Ernest Rodgers Headshot

Ernest Rogers

Climate and Energy Justice Associate

Office: Hawaiʻi Green Infrastructure Authority

Email: [email protected]

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Ernest Rodgers serves as a member of the Climate Ready Hawaiʻi cohort, which helps Hawaiʻi adapt to climate change impacts. Rogers conducts community outreach and energy education at the Hawaiʻi Green Infrastructure Authority (HGIA), analyzes HGIA’s underwriting and program data to uncover trends, and bring visibility to data and metrics that may improve lending programs, including utility bill savings for low- and moderate-income households and other environmental measures. 

Rogers graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, concentrating in Information Technology Management and Minoring in International Affairs. In 2019, he worked as a Data Analyst intern with Parker’s Kitchen, performing data analysis and data visualization techniques to help identify plans and actions to reduce costs, increase profits, and better anticipate trends. In 2018, he worked on the Stacey Abrams for Governor Campaign where he gained valuable experience in community engagement and mobilization through his work in recruiting and organizing student volunteers.  

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