Hawai`i Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Commission


DISCLAIMER (updated November 27, 2018): Based on the methodology of sea level rise modeling used in this report and the Hawaiʻi Sea Level Rise Viewer, having gone through peer review and publication in the Nature Journal Scientific Reports, the results of this study are sufficiently validated to be appropriately used in land management decisions as the best available information as of the date of publication of the report, December 2017, consistent with the intent of Act 83 SLH 2014 as amended. This report is intended to provide a state-wide assessment of Hawaii’s vulnerability to sea level rise. The location of projected impacts and economic costs from damages are estimates based on a particular sea level rise scenario. The hazard and vulnerability data and maps provided herein are based on observational data and computer-based models as described herein and in published research (Anderson et al., 2018). As with all models, it is important to understand the methods, assumptions, limitations, and uncertainties of the methods used. The risks associated with use or non-use of the results are assumed by the user.
At its November 27th, 2018 public meeting, the Hawaiʻi Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission agreed to replace the original Disclaimer with this updated Disclaimer. The Commission’s decision on this matter is detailed in meeting minutes from November 27, 2018.

Report to the Thirtieth Legislature, State of Hawaii, 2019 Regular Session, Hawaii Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission

Statement on Ground Transportation Emissions Reduction

Statement on Adaptation to Impacts of Sea Level Rise

The State’s Climate Commission was created by Act 32 in 2017. It meets quarterly. A schedule is posted on calendar.ehawaii.gov and you can find the agendas and minutes for past meetings at the bottom of this page.

The Commission’s 20 members are:

Commission Co-Chairs

Commission Members


2019 Commission Meeting Schedule:

  • Wednesday, July 17th, 1-4pm, DLNR Boardroom
  • Wednesday, September 4th, 1-4pm, DLNR Boardroom
  • Wednesday, November 6th, 1-4pm, DLNR Boardroom
*Place and time to be determined closer to actual meeting dates. Please check back later.*

DateMeeting MaterialsSupplemental Materials
11/6/2019September 4, 2019 Draft Minutes
Item 2: July 17, 2019 Draft Minutes
Item 4 Proposed statement on Climate Change Legislation
Item 5a EV presentation Lauren Reichelt
Item 5c Proposed statement on Fleet Transition
Item 6b Matt Gonser C+C update
Item 7 Report of PIG onClimate Equity FINAL
Testimony from Bikeshare Hawaii
July 17, 2019 Minutes
Item 2: April 24, 2019 Draft Minutes
Item 4a: Presentation - Hawaii Climate Commission Disaster Recovery Preparedness
Item 4a: Report - HI Disaster Recovery Preparedness Guidance
Item 4b: Draft statement on disaster recovery
Item 5: Report of PIG on Climate Legislation for 2020
Item 6: Report of PIG on Public Fleets
April 24, 2019 Minutes
November 27, 2018 Minutes
January 14, 2019 Minutes
Green House Gas Inventory Report - DOH
Hawai`i 3.2 Climate Adaptation Program - OCCL
Managed Retreat Report - CZM
Maui County Update
Kaua`i County Update
A Just Transition- Climate Justice in Hawaii
DOT Presentation
Hawai`i County Update
City & County of Honolulu Update
1/14/2019See Conference Website for all meeting materialsDraft Minutes
11/27/2018AgendaDraft Minutes
DRP Guidance Draft - Executive Summary Presentation
Aviation Emissions Presentation
Aina Summit Report Presentation
NBS Legislation Presentation
Mandatory Disclosure Legislation Presentation
September 4, 2018 Minutes
Statement on Ground Transportation Emissions Reductions for Climate Commission Consideration
Supporting Materials for Climate Commission's Statement on Ground Transportation Emissions Reductions
Proposed Updates to Disclaimers in the Hawai`i Sea Level Report and Hawai`i Sea Level Rise Viewer
Findings of the Permitted Interaction Group on Ground Transportation
Guidance Regarding Climate Change Adaptation Actions
5/22/20185/22/18 Minutes

See ehawaii.gov/calendar

Legislative Update. Video.
The Carbon Budget, Blue Planet Foundation presentation. Video.
Discussion. Video.
Various Presentations. Video.
Transportation Discussion. Video.
Adaptation and Implementation of SLR Recommendations. Video.
Video Part 1
Video Part 2
Video Part 1
Video Part 2
Video Part 3