2020 Conference Program

Day 1                        Hawaiʻi's Response: Implementation                                                                                                                                                                                                 
0800 - 0830 Registration (outside) & Coffee (downstairs banquet rooms)
0830 - 0845 Oli & Mele
Dr. Jon Osorio, Dean, Hawaiinuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge
University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa
0845 - 0915 Governor's Welcome
Governor David Ige
Introduction by Richard Vuylsteke, President, East-West Center
0915 - 0925 Introduction to the Program
MCs: Dr. Victoria Keener, Pacific RISA/EWC & Anukriti Hittle, DLNR
0925 - 0945 State of the Commission: Report by Co-Chairs
Suzanne Case, DLNR & Mary Alice Evans, Office of Planning
0945 - 1030 Keynote Address - The Writing on the Wall: Conveying Difficult Messages 
David Wallace-Wells, Deputy Editor, New York Magazine

Introduction by Dr. John Marra, NOAA NESDIS National Centers for Environmental Information

1030 - 1045 Coffee Break (downstairs banquet rooms)
1045 - 1130 Panel 1. Telling Stories: Hawaii’s Scientists, Artists and Activists Respond to Keynote  

Beth-Ann Kozlovich, Kahi Mohala

Dr. Noelani Puniwai, UH School of Hawaiian Knowledge
Solomon Enos, Native Hawaiian Artist
Kawika Pegram, Climate Strike HI

1130 - 1300 Lunch (on your own) & Info Tables (Wailana banquet room)
1315 - 1430 Panel 2. Climate Ready Hawaiʻi: Adapting to Rising Seas

Dr. Brad Romine, UH Sea Grant/OCCL & DLNR

Susan Love, DNREC, DE 
Kaaina Hull, Kauai County Planning Dept.
Ed Sniffen, HDOT 
Barry Usagawa, Board of Water Supply
Nuin-Tara Key, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, CA

1430 - 1445 Coffee Break (downstairs banquet rooms) & Mini Film Festival (Keoni Auditorium)
1455 - 1610 Panel 3. Climate Ready Hawaiʻi: Achieving Zero Carbon Mobility

Richard Wallsgrove, UH Law School

Scott Glenn, Hawaii State Energy Office
Mary Catherine Snyder, City of Seattle Parking Division 
Chris Johnson, Department of Transportation Services, HI
Jeremy Tarr, NC Governor’s Office

1610 - 1630 Oral Public Testimony
1630 Pau
Day 2  From Research to Communication
0800 - 0900 Registration (outside) & Coffee (Wailana banquet room)
0900 - 0910 Welcome & Day's Program 
MCs: Dr. Victoria Keener, Pacific RISA/EWC & Anukriti Hittle, DLNR
0915 - 1000 Mini-Keynotes 
Jamie Stroble, King County Climate Action Team
Roger Sorkin, The American Resiliency Project
1000 - 1015 Coffee Break (Wailana banquet room)
1015 - 1200 Research Lightning Talks (Register Here
Introduction by Dr. Makena Coffman, UH Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning

10:20 - 10:34  Kalisi Malusio:  Growing Global Potential of Breadfruit Cultivation under Climate Change Scenarios
10:34 - 10:48  Dr. Sarah Wiebe:  The role of environmental justice in climate change adaptation and mitigation, and communication strategies
10:48 - 11:00   Kathy McKenzie:  EV grid integration in Hawaiʻi and issues relating to transit from renewable energy sources
11:00 - 11:14   Dr. Dan Ervin:  Impacts of climate change on human health and migration in Hawaiʻi and the Marshall Islands
11:14 - 11:28   Dr. Matthew Widlansky: Forecasting the next warm blob and high sea levels for Hawaii
11:28 - 11:40   Dr. Mehana Vaughn: Community resilience in Haʻena, Kauai

11:40 - 12:00  Panel discussion and questions

1200 - 1330 Lunch (on your own)
1330 - 1500 Climate Change Messaging Workshops (Register for #1, #2, or #3
1500 Pau
1830 - 1930 Public Lecture by Keynote Speaker (Kahala Resort, details TBA)



*Conference hashtag for all social media: #HI_ClimateCon2020

*Limited number of lunches free to those who arrive via clean transportation, while supplies last

*Banquet rooms reserved for use by participants for lunch

*UH campus map of dining options