Megan Gonsalves


Office: Department of Land and Natural Resources

Email: [email protected]

  • BIO

Megan Gonsalves is an AmeriCorps and KUPU member serving with the Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Native Ecosystems Protection and Management Section to help preserve native ecosystems through data collection and research. Her duties involve assisting in the development of a Climate Ready Hawaiʻi framework, which outlines nature-based solutions to help Hawaiʻi adapt to impacts of climate change, and organizing outreach for the state’s Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission. She helps DLNR with other projects that include predator management mapping and the 1Trillion Trees Campaign.

Megan graduated from UH Mānoa in 2019 with a BS in Natural Resources and Environmental Management. There, she cultivated her interests in soil health, the carbon sequestration capacities of soil, and sustainable agriculture. While pursuing her degree, Megan conducted research on soil health indexes in Hawaiʻi, marine fungi, and optimizing natural resource allocation.

Megan is originally from California and enjoys surfing, hiking, reading, and gardening in her free time.

  • Climate Ready Hawai‘i Framework: Megan is working with the State’s Climate Commission to develop a framework to help Hawai’i become more resilient to climate change. The framework will provide insight into building resilience in equitable ways through nature-based solutions and highlight exemplary ongoing work.
  • Hawai'i Climate  Blog: In collaboration with the Coordinator of the State's Climate Commission, Anukriti Hittle, Megan co-authored "Clean, Equitable and Resilient: Does Telework Check All the Boxes?"  for the Hawai'i Climate Blog. The blog piece analyzes telework through the lenses of equity, environmental friendliness, and resilience. Megan also edits other blog pieces and manages the webpage.
  • Equity Playbook – Resilience: The VISTA cohort is collaborating on developing components of an Equity Playbook for the State’s Climate Commission. Megan is focusing on the equity in resilience planning. This work is an outcome of the findings of the Commission’s Permitted Interaction Group on Equity.
  • 1Trillion Tree Campaign: Megan is working with the Division of Forestry and Wildlife, in collaboration with other state government agencies, to build a pledge to Hawai’i will be the first state to make a pledge, further defining the state as being at the forefront of the fight against climate change. She created this informational flyer about the initiative.
  • Predator Management Database and Map: Through this project with the Division of Forestry and Wildlife, she is collecting data from land managers to create a statewide map and database of all predator management areas. The resource will further the state’s understanding of the efficacy of predator management strategies.