Transportation Equity Specialist

Sabrina Park

Transportation Equity Specialist

Office: Hawaiʻi Department of Health

Email: [email protected]

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Sabrina Park serves as part of the inaugural Climate Ready Hawaiʻi AmeriCorps VISTA cohort that is helping Hawaiʻi adapt to climate change impacts. She serves as the Transportation Equity Specialist at the Department of Health.

Sabrina aims to assist in developing strategies for addressing disparities in health, safety, and providing accessible and affordable transportation to vulnerable groups. Through research, surveys, and data analysis Sabrina will help develop a transportation equity working group and plan.

Sabrina’s career has always been focused on helping others. She worked as a massage therapist for 11 years. She also has a paralegal certificate and Associate of Science in legal studies from Kapiʻolani Community College. She currently attends the University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu and is in the Public Health and Administrations program. In the future, Sabrina hopes to utilize her knowledge of law and public health to help vulnerable groups. 

  • Transportation Equity Work: Sabrina is cataloging and researching transportation equity examples for Hawaiʻi, which support the Commission’s priority to reduce emissions in a clean, equitable, resilient manner.
  • Equity Playbook – Transportation: Sabrina, with her focus on transportation equity, is collaborating with the entire VISTA cohort to develop components of an Equity Playbook for the State Climate Commission. This work is an outcome of the findings of the Commission's Permitted Interaction Group on Equity.