Transportation Energy and Climate VISTA

Tommy Hua Headshot

Tommy Hua

Transportation Energy and Climate Associate

Office: Hawaiʻi State Energy Office

Email: [email protected]

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Tommy Hua serves as a member of the Climate Ready Hawaiʻi cohort, which helps Hawaiʻi adapt to climate change impacts. Hua identifies and evaluates affordable clean transportation options, develops communication tools on clean transportation projects, and coordinates working groups and events to raise awareness of clean transportation options, and multimodal mobility hubs. 
Hua graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Sustainability with an emphasis on Lean Manufacturing and Building Science and a minor in Management. Before joining the Climate Ready Hawaiʻi Cohort, Hua worked with a building compliance company in Brooklyn, New York utilizing renewable energy to reduce building emissions. He worked as a data analyst for Diglo to reduce environmental impacts using life cycle analysis on hearing aids in 2017 and 2021While working for Graco Inc in 2021he reduced the company’s chemical and energy costs using lean manufacturing techniques.  

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