Rising seas means rising vulnerabilities. The foreseeable impacts of rising sea levels are deeply concerning to Hawai‘i due to its geographic isolation, coastal-focused society, and observable present-day impacts from coastal erosion and flooding. Hawaii’s vulnerability to climate change and sea level rise is clearly described in the Climate Commission’s 2017 Hawaiʻi Sea Level Rise and Vulnerability and Adaptation Report and the Sea Level Rise Viewer tool, the 2018 National Climate Assessment, Sea Level Rise Guidance from the City and County of Honolulu Climate Change Commission, and elsewhere. For a full list of reports on climate change adaptation, see here.

Hawaii’s multi-partner campaign highlights the impacts of coastal erosion and inland flooding through its mascot Koloa Iki. Find more information, games, and family fun on Koloaiki.org.  

Climate Ready Hawaii was born of panel recommendations from the State’s first annual climate conference held on January 14, 2019. An expert panel recommended that the State “consider adopting a community resilience building planning process to help Hawaii’s communities, counties and institutions of any scale to identify their top priorities based on climate change hazards cross-referenced to strengths and vulnerabilities relative to infrastructure, social and environmental characteristics.”  In short, it reiterated the State’s role, and expanded on the Commission’s statement as the next big step for Hawaii to implement adaptation to sea level rise impacts.

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